Paul Legault

The Tower

The Tower pays homage to and reinvents the poet's most famous work. Unlike Yeats' work, which dealt with his mortality as an old spiritualist Irish Senator, our version deals with a different kind of death: ours.

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Justin Marks

The Comedown

Justin Marks' third collection of poems is an engrossing look at masculinity, capitalism, disease, the doldrums of perceived mediocrity, and the trials of the restless, searching intellect.

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Jeff Alessandrelli


These poems are about establishing touch and forging connections. The poetry in this book are full with flashing light. In these poems, the intellect at work is not little. It's big, it's growing, and it's yearning for love.

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Legault grew up in Tennessee after being born in Ottawa, Ontario. He earned BFAs in screenwriting and an MFA in creative writing from the University of Southern California and the University of Virginia, respectively.

His work has appeared in a variety of publications, including The Awl, Boston Review, Denver Quarterly Field, The Literati Quarterly, Pleiades, and others.

He resided in St. Louis, Missouri, from 2013 to 2015 as a writer-in-residence at Washington University.

With accuracy, humor, and uncompromising candor, Marks bores into the core of the matter: disintegration of the self, marriage, fatherhood, youth, and the ego to unveil stark beauty in a life lived hard despite its accumulated traumas and vices.

The Comedown, You're Going to Miss Me When You're Bored, A Million in Prizes, and the chapbook We Used to Have Parties are Justin Marks' other works . He resides in Queens, New York, with his family and is a co-founder of Birds, LLC, an independent poetry publication.

Jeff Alessandrelli was born and raised in Reno, Nevada. He graduated from the University of Nevada-Reno with a BA, Portland State University with an MA, and the University of Nebraska-Lincoln with a PhD. He is an assistant professor of English at Peru State College and lives in Omaha, Nebraska.

He is the author of many chapbooks as well as the full-length poetry collection This Last Time Will Be the First (2014). Alessandrelli manages Fonograf Editions, a vinyl poetry recording project, in addition to creating and running Dikembe Company, a small press specialized in chapbooks.


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"The Tower continues his project of rubbing the old songs to produce blissful new serums... How he manages to extract such tonally exacting fun from fallen fruit is a secret I beg him never to divulge."


"Time is playing a joke on you in these poems: it's a house, or a kind of radio, filled of basic pleasures. Whatever it is, it is an excellent read."

Sterling Lawyers

"This book is great, I honestly would recommend it to anybody and everybody! The story is not hard to grasp, but the allusion to everything is what's really pleasurable about reading it."